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Miss Kenga Sivarajah

Consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine and Labour ward lead at KCH
Miss Kenga Sivarajah
MBBS BSc (Hons). MRCOG. MRCP (UK). PGCert (MedEd).
Consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine and Labour ward lead at KCH
GMC No. or Equivalent: 7020487
Year Qualified: 2008

Miss Kenga Sivarajah is a vibrant Consultant Obstetrician with specialised interest in women with complex pre-existing medical conditions. She carries a high level of attentiveness, understanding and expertise to the journey they often face before, during and after their pregnancy.

Miss Sivarajah is currently a Consultant Obstetrician at King’s College Hospital (KCH), holding several key leadership positions including Labour Ward Lead, Lead Obstetrician for Perinatal Mental Health, and running the Cardiology, Respiratory and Liver Pregnancy Service. She also brings her specialised pre-conception counselling to KCH and Westminster Women’s Clinic.

Miss Sivarajah completed her undergraduate medical degree at Imperial College London. She has also studied at Boehringer Ingelheim for her additional qualifications in the field of perinatal mental health, as well as additional training in Obstetric Medicine, Advanced Antenatal Practice and Advanced Labour Ward Practice in tertiary level hospitals across London.

Outside of her clinical work within the NHS and private practice, Miss Sivarajah assists in obstetric legal cases, given her diploma in risk and claims management. To date, she has provided her expertise in several hundred cases and this background brings to the clinic a profound understanding of risk for patients with more complex maternity care requirements.

Miss Sivarajah is here to support you in your pregnancy journey. She has a wealth of experience in all facets to make you feel safe and supported, and is a strong advocate for women making informed decisions around their care.


Obstetric fees

What is included:

As described below, initial consultation and routine antenatal visits, delivery and access to Dr Sivarajah’s mobile number for any questions or concerns you may have. Ultrasound Scans can be done at an additional cost.

  1. From 8 weeks: £9750
    1. Visits at 8-12-22-28-32-36-40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  2. From 16 weeks: £9250
    1. Visits at 12-22-28-32-36-40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  3. From 20 weeks: £8750
    1. Visits at 20-28-32-36-40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  4. From 28 weeks: £7750
    1. Visits at 28-32-36-40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  5. From 32 weeks: £7250
    1. Visits at 32-36-38-40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  6. From 36 weeks: £6750
    1. Visit at 36 -38- 40 weeks
    2. Delivery and routine post-delivery medications
    3. One postnatal visit
  • Initial introductory antenatal appointment: £250
  • Follow-up consultation outside the above packages: £200
  • Growth ultrasound scans: £300
  • Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) including counselling: £600

Following the initial antenatal appointment, if you wish to be booked with Miss Sivarajah, a deposit of 50% of their fees is required to be paid by the 20th week of your pregnancy. The final balance of the fees is due by the 36th week of your pregnancy.

For patients covered under medical insurance, please note that most UK insurance companies do not cover maternity care. In these cases, the fees should be settled in full before delivery, and we would then help you to recover any funds from your insurers.

Primary speciality

Specialist interests

Maternal Medicine
High risk obstetrics
Perinatal mental health
Medico-legal reports


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