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Quality and performance

Our patients are at the heart of everything so we constantly challenge ourselves to improve the way we deliver your care. High quality care starts from the moment you enter the hospital to the time you leave and that means the right levels of nursing and midwifery staff at all times during your stay.

We take a zero tolerance to infection control, providing all the support we can to our wards teams in the fight against MRSA and other hospital acquired infections.

Every patient is important and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, whatever their age. We offer specialist care from the very young to the very old – and train our staff in safeguarding vulnerable people – whatever their age.

All hospitals in the UK are monitored annually by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who publishes the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety against which all hospitals are reviewed at least annually. To ensure that we comply, we continuously monitor how we are doing against these standards.The CQC’s website provides reports on the various sites at which King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust offers services.

The latest King’s Quality Report can also be found here.