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During your stay

On Arrival
You can enter Guthrie Wing through King’s College Hospital’s Denmark Hill entrance between 8am and 5pm. At all other times, please enter via the Ruskin Wing, Golden Jubilee Wing or Hambleden Wing entrances.

Please download the site map here.

Opening hours:

Guthrie Wing 8am to 5pm
Ruskin Wing 6.30am to 10pm
Golden Jubilee Wing 6.30am to 10pm
Hambleden Wing main entrance 24 hours a day

The ward receptionist or one of the nurses will meet you when you arrive on Guthrie Ward.

A nurse will give you a hospital identity bracelet that has your name and other details. Please wear this at all times. It is an important part of our safety procedures; among other things it ensures that you are given the right medications.

Consent to treatment

We will explain any proposed treatment to help you decide whether to agree to it. We must by law obtain your written consent to any operation and many other procedures. Staff will explain the risks, benefits and any alternatives. You will then be asked to sign a consent form. If you are unsure about any aspect of the treatment proposed, please ask to speak to a senior member of staff.

Some procedures do not require formal written consent but staff will explain all the risks, benefits and alternatives before asking for your verbal consent.

Diagnostic tests

During your stay you may need tests to find out more about your condition. The ward staff will arrange these at a convenient time. Information leaflets are available on the ward about the tests.


There are Arabic and Greek interpreters available free of charge. Translation services are also available in other languages through Language Line. Please inform the ward staff on your arrival if you require an interpreter.


Guthrie Ward has a dedicated team of chefs to cater for different cultural and dietary requirements. The menu changes daily and has a range of meals, including halal and vegetarian options. If you require kosher or vegan meals, please let us know prior to, or on, your admission. A dietician is available for advice on individual diets.

Meals are served on the ward at the following times:

Breakfast 7.30am to 9am
Lunch 12 noon to 1pm
Dinner 6pm to 7pm

Snacks are available on request throughout the day. Please ask the ward hostess or any member of staff.

Hot beverages are provided free to your visitors and we can provide meals to your relatives and friends for a small charge. Please give your ward hostess plenty of notice if you would like us to cater for relatives and friends.

Room cleaning

All rooms are cleaned daily and we time this so it does not cause any inconvenience to you or your recovery.


We actively encourage visitors and the involvement of carers to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. However, other patients may be resting or sleeping, so please ask your visitors to be considerate. For this reason we recommend no more than three visitors at any one time.

Children are welcome to visit as long as they are with a supervising adult at all times, both in the ward and outside. Visits may sometimes be restricted, for example, if there is a risk of infection.

If your relatives have any questions about your condition, they should speak to the senior nurse. We only give information to relatives and other visitors with your permission.


All hospital wards have a secure access system to ensure patient safety. CCTV cameras are used on the ward for security purposes. Please use the buzzer to gain entry to the ward. Visitors should report to reception before entering your room. If you wish to leave the ward for a short time, please speak to your nurse. We must be able to account for all patients if there is an emergency.