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Planning for returning home
The nursing team will work with you to plan the day on which you will leave and arrange any care needed afterwards.

Your consultant will write to your GP or embassy explaining the treatment you have received. If you do not wish your GP to be told about your hospital admission, please see the matron or nurse in charge of your care.

Please try to arrange for someone to collect you on the day of your discharge. Remind them to bring your outdoor clothing on the evening before departure, unless you already have something suitable with you.

If you need a taxi or transfer to your transport by wheelchair, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

You can usually expect to leave by 11am on the day of departure.

Departure checklist

  • Give the ward receptionist a forwarding address for any post.
  • Collect your hospital discharge letter to pass onto your GP.
  • Make sure you have any medicines you need.
  • Ask the nurse in charge of your care for any medical certificates you may need.
  • Ask for any cash or valuables you have handed in.

Diagnostic tests

During your stay you may need tests to find out more about your condition. The ward staff will arrange these at a convenient time. Information leaflets are available on the ward about the tests.