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Intensive Care Unit


King’s Thomas Cook Children’s Critical Care Centre (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit or PICU, and Paediatric High Dependency Unit or HDU) provides specialist intensive care for children with general medical conditions and after surgery. It has eight intensive care and eight high dependency beds.

It is a regional and national centre offering specialist treatment for children with liver disease and those needing neuro (brain or spine) surgery.


Our Liver Intensive Care Unit has 15 intensive care beds and four high dependency beds for high-risk surgical patients. We treat approximately 800 patients a year, referred from local, national and international centres.

We have a specialist interest in the care of patients with acute liver failure (ALF) and the use of innovative supportive therapies and liver transplantation in these often critically ill patients.

The unit has extensive experience in caring for patients with major liver trauma and it is a supra-regional centre for intensive care provision of severe necrotising pancreatitis.

Expertise includes supportive care of patients with multiple organ failure, the management of refractory portal hypertension and bleeding with advanced endoscopic techniques and TIPSS and the use of liver-assist technologies.

Surgery (adults)

There are two critical care units, the Jack Steinberg Critical Care Unit and the Christine Brown Critical Care unit. These care for critically ill patients across a range of clinical areas including neurology (brain and spine), trauma, obstetric emergencies, renal (kidney) and cardiothoracic (heart).

There are 32 beds across these 2 Units, providing advanced intensive care, including the latest respiratory (breathing), cardiac (heart) and renal (kidney) support treatments.

Neonatal Intensive Care

We specialise in caring for infants who are born prematurely as well as newborns with a variety of complex surgical problems.

We also work closely with the Harris Birthright Centre, whose antenatal diagnostic service detects conditions before babies are born, enabling them to be given appropriate treatment after birth and sometimes before.

The Neonatal Unit has many different specialists such as physiotherapists, dieticians and occupational health and speech therapists who all work with our team to provide the best multidisciplinary care for children while they are with us.

As well as providing high-quality treatment for infants, we also have a world-renowned research group on our unit which specialises in investigating neonatal respiratory illnesses.

This is only available to NHS entitled neonates.